Ferrex Iron Remover

9.95 GBP
Ferrex Iron Remover
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Ferrex Iron Remover

9.95 GBP

Autoshine Ferrex comes pre-diluted to the correct strength for safe exterior use. In all cases, wash and rinse the surfaces you are going to treat in the normal way and allow to dry. 
Next, spray Ferrex on liberally. As any iron contaminants dissolve into solution, the initially colourless liquid will gradually turn purple over a period of 1-2 minutes.
Although Autoshine Ferrex is essentially a touchless cleaner, you can agitate it with either a microfibre towel or a brush if needs be. After 1-2 minutes, or once the dark purple solution has dried fully, thoroughly rinse the surfaces you have treated with a strong stream of water. If you let the solution dry fully, you may need to use a stronger jet of water from a pressure washer to remove the hardened film. 
  • Dissolve brake dust and other iron-rich contaminants upon contact,
  • No need to use a separate wheel cleaner saving you both money and time
  • SAFE on all wheel types
  • Colour changing formulation
  • Removes Iron, Brake dust and Cleans Wheels
  • High performing corrosion inhibitor

Size 500ml