Menzerna Green Soft Cut Pad 180mm (7")

17.95 GBP
Menzerna Green Soft Cut Pad 180mm (7")
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Menzerna Green Soft Cut Pad 180mm (7")

17.95 GBP
The best soft cutting in the market, the Menzerna 180mm Green soft cutting Pad has been designed for use with 400 & 2500 which removes holograms and streaks in combination with Menzerna Finish polishes, and prevents clouding.  This pad, when used with a DA machine can also be used to apply PP Ultra or 3 in 1 quickly and efficiently and still take advantage of the light cut they offer. As per the Green Medium pad the hook and loop backing has a safety edge to ensure it doesn’t contact the paint when working in smaller areas and of course the 180mm size is the perfect compromise of control vs speed for all machine types
These are the most durable pads out on the market, after testing many other brands these will outlast any  5 times over.

  • Washable
  • Consistent, long-lasting foam
  • Safety edge
  • High-quality Velcro
  • Convenient to use
Rotary, orbital
Green Velcro Soft Cutting Pad (7") 180mm

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